The Nomix System - Total Herbicides

Nomix Enviro offers a complete range of TDC (total Droplet Control) herbicides for use in all amenity areas.These unique products reduce the volume of herbicide and active ingredient being applied, whilst remaining extremely effective.
TDC herbicides are ready to use, eliminating any risk to the operator from mixing chemicals and protecting the environment by avoiding spillages.
The technologically advanced formulations help the droplet stick to the leaf and penetrate the waxy surface. This helps the herbicide to start working quickly, enhancing rain-fastness.
Nomix TDC herbicides are non-hazardous to operators, wildlife and pets, making them a safer solution to weed control.

Conqueror 5L9

Nomix Conqueror 5 L

Nomix Conqueror Nomix Total Herbicides

Conqueror 750ml

Nomix Compact Conqueror

Nomix Compact Conqueror Nomix Total Herbicides

Universal Cleaner 5L

Nomix Universal Cleaner 5 L

Nomix Universal Cleaner Nomix Total Herbicides 5 L

Uni Cleaner 750 ml

Nomix Compact Universal Cleaner

Nomix Compact Universal Cleaner Nomix Total Herbicides

Dual 5L2

Nomix Dual 5 L

Nomix Dual Nomix Total Herbicides

Hilite 5L

Nomix Hilite 5 L

Nomix Hilite Nomix Landscape Herbicides 5L

Dual 750ml

Nomix Compact Dual

Compact Dual Nomix Total Herbicides

Hilite 750ml

Nomix Compact Hilite

Nomix Compact Hilite Landscape Herbicides