Landscape Herbicides

High value Trees and shrubs planted in Landscaped areas/shrub beds/shelter belts require weeds to be controlled to enable rapid established and prevent them from being choked by or outcompeted by weeds. There are various non-residual and residual options for this use. Correct product choice, timing of application and correct method of application are all key to optimise results.

PARADISE 150 bottle


Paradise Total Herbicide

Dual 5L2

Nomix Dual 5 L

Nomix Dual Nomix Total Herbicides

Hilite 5L

Nomix Hilite 5 L

Nomix Hilite Nomix Landscape Herbicides 5L


Asteroid Pro 450

Asteroid Pro 450 Total Herbicide

Asteroid Pro

Asteroid Pro 360

Asteroid Pro 360 Total Herbicide

Dual 750ml

Nomix Compact Dual

Compact Dual Nomix Total Herbicides

Hilite 750ml

Nomix Compact Hilite

Nomix Compact Hilite Landscape Herbicides

Mogul 1 L

Mogul 1 L

Mogul Turf Selective Herbicide 1 Litre

Flatline image


Flatline Turf Selective Herbicide



Hammer Total Herbicide

Kerb Granules

Kerb Granules

Kerb Granules Landscape Herbicides