MU-H Vario

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MU-H Vario Front and rear mounted mulcher
  • MU-H Vario Front and rear mounted mulcher for tractors from 35 - 90 hp

    The heavy MU-H series is the robust universal mulcher for green area maintenance for tractors and special system vehicles up to 90 hp. This “work horse” for daily use in the widest possible range of mowing and mulching work has side shift, front and rear mounting, heavy fully proven universal “M”-Hammer flails and the patented "Shark fin" shredding bar system as standard.

    Consequently this mulcher is not only capable of working perfectly on lawns, meadows and overgrown areas but also on fallow surfaces with woody growth and light scrub.  The biomass is heavily shredded and spread evenly over the surface behind the roller.

    For particularly tough conditions with a high proportion of stones and other debris such as maintaining road verges and roadside greenery or working alongside rivers and canals there is an option to have a rotor with “M”-Shackle flails installed. If any resistance is encountered the flails can deviate laterally so that under extreme conditions and helped also by the shape of the blade both the tractor and the mulcher are protected.

    Special variants are available for front installation on system vehicles. The MU-H can also be augmented by further options for particularly difficult conditions. An optimum weight ratio and its proximity to the tractor are also important safety features. For front installation, the optional incorporation of the the adjustable hydro pneumatic Weight Transfer System MU-SOFA® is recommended, as this provides many advantages in terms of safe and comfortable operation.

    MU-H: More performance, more productivity, lower cost!

    Technical Data

    MU-H Vario 120 140 150 160 180 200 220
    WW (cm) 120 140 150 160 180 200 220
    Overall width (cm) 137 157 167 177 197 217 237
    Side Shift (cm) - 40 40 56 56 56 56
    Max. tractor hp 540 r.p.m. 75 75 75 75 75 75 75
    Max. tractor hp 1000 r.p.m. 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
    Weight (kg) 380 465 480 500 535 555 615
    Number of "M"-Hammer flails 10 12 12 14 16 16 18
    Number of "M"-Shackle flails 24 28 30 32 26 40 46