MU-FM/S Rear and side multi-purpose mulcher with patented break away system
  • MU-FM/S Rear and side multi-purpose mulcher with patented break away system for tractors from 30 - 45 hp

    The hydraulically shiftable MU-FM/S rear and side mulcher, which can operate both to the side and the rear behind the tractor is a genuine all-rounder. Its operating range is variable from 90° upwards to 60° downwards hydraulically adjustable. Its large swivelling range of 112 cm means that the mulcher is ideal for working on roadside greenery, dykes, ditches and hedges. The MU-FM/S is designed for tractors of up to approximately 45 hp and one of its outstanding features is the well-established Müthing mechanical safety breakaway system. This allows the mulcher to permanently reduce its load upwards, thus reducing the forces bearing on the lower link and the device.

    The mulcher is of course also equipped with the “M”-Carbide shackle flails and the patented “Shark fin" shredding bar system and possesses all the positive mowing and mulching characteristics of the MU-FM. This produces optimum mowing and mulching and an even spread of the mulch on the surface. This results in a rapid and perfect rotting and composting on the surface: Brilliant in combination with a front mounted mulcher provided appropriate engine power is available.

    Technical Data


    A  = Working width in cm, B =  Shifting range to the right in cm, C = Transport length backwards in cm, D = Overall working width including machine width

    MU-FM/S 120 140 160
    WW (cm) 120 140 160
    Max. tractor hp 45 45 45
    Weight (kg) 340 353 370
    Number of flails 20 24 28
    Min. tractor weight 1000 1100 1200