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MU-FM For professional outfront mowers
  • MU-FM For professional outfront mowers from 20 - 40 hp

    Efficient outfront mowers need powerful and universally usable attachments. The MU-FM professional flail mower with linkages for various outfront mowers was developed especially for this purpose. The two-point linkage in connection with the front wheels means that even on uneven land the mulcher can be driven precisely, close to the ground and with a uniform cutting height by virtue of the continuously variable height adjustment of the support roller. 
    The MU-FM is equipped with “M”-Carbide shackle flails and hardened wearing skids as standard. The patented, removable "Shark fin" shredding bar system ensures that it will mulch evenly without clogging. This robust professional flail mulcher can be used flexibly on both short grass and in long grass and vegetation.  This reduces cost intensive setting up times and makes it more economical.  These mulchers are supplied with a special fine cut outfit for exclusive lawn maintenance use: See the difference!

    Technical Data

    MU-FM 140 160
    WW (cm) 140 160
    Overall width (cm) 165 185
    Max. tractor hp 2200 r.p.m. 40    40   
    Weight (kg) including linkage parts 229 252
    Number of flails 24 28