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MU-E Vario

SKU:MU-E Vario
MU-E Front or rear mounting for tractors and system vehicles
  • MU-E Front or rear mounting for tractors and system vehicles from 25 - 60 hp

    Professional compact tractors and system vehicles of up to 60 hp require efficient, versatile and robust flail mulchers to carry out mowing and mulching work reliably quickly and economically. At the same time the equipment should be light so as not to restrict the scope of the system vehicles.

    The MU-E mulcher series was created for this range of tractors. A wide range of adaptations, additional equipment, low weight and strong construction are the typical attributes of this versatile range of mulchers.  The special “M”-Carbide shackle flails combined with a high tip speed and the patented "Shark fin" shredding bar system make it possible to use the machine
    both for fine cutting of lawns and for mulch mowing in high grass and on difficult terrain without time consuming re-equipment or adjustment.

    The MU-E is supplied either with a gearbox mounting height of about 55 cm or as a low gearbox mounting variant with a mounting height of only about 38 cm purely for front installation.
    In the case of front mounting it is recommend the optional incorporation of the adjustable hydro pneumatic Weight Transfer System MU-SOFA® in the front hydraulic system of the tractor which even under difficult conditions makes a crucial contribution to increasing ride quality, steering and contour following.

    The MU-E mulcher series: The versatile professional equipment in the light flail mower class for top level efficiency.

    Technical Data

    MU-E Vario 120 140 160 180 200
    WW (cm) 120 140 160 180 200
    Overall width (cm) 135 155 175 195 215
    Max. tractor hp 540 r.p.m. 50 50 50 50 50
    Max. tractor hp 1000 r.p.m. 60 60 60 60 60
    Weight (kg) 280 300 330 360 390
    Number of flails 20 24 28 32 36