Muthing Maintenance Machinery

The Muthing green area maintenance system, visible quality, efficient, versatile, economical and sustainable.

Extensive and careful maintenance of green areas is extremely important to residents and makes local authorities, regions and sports clubs more attractive.  Neglect of public areas reinforces negative social effects.  Research such as that of the APSE (Asccociation for Public Services Excellence) suggests that there is a direct corrolation between badly maintained public spaces and increased anti-social behavour.  At the same time, the maintenance of green and other areas is subject to substantial cost pressures like all public and private services.  In spite of this, it is still necessary to retain a uniformly attrative professional result for maintenance work.  A practical solution for these conflicting demands is the sustainable maintenance of green areas with mulching mowers. 

With this procedure, the cut material is heavily shredded and defibered within the mulcher and then it is deposited evenly and loosely on the ground as a grass mulch layer.  The bacteria in the soil immediately brings about an intensive composting on the surface and the earthworms contribute to the natural recycling.  The nutrients organically bound to the mulch material go on supplying the green areas naturally and make mineral slow release fertilisers unnecessary.  This also reduces the risk of fertiliser leaching out of the groundwater.  At the same time the grass mulch layer provides protection against erosion by wind and water and prevents the soil drying out.  The natural clycle of biomass strengthens the soil biology, activates aereation and encourages humus formation.

Mulcher ranges MU-FM and MU-FM/Hydro, update of obligatory safety margins
Based on the technical development of mulcher ranges MU-FM and MU-FM/Hydro, which was confirmed by the projectile test and the acceptance criteria test for flail mulchers in
accordance with ISO/WD 17101-2 of TÜV NORD in June 2012, we can comply with the safety margins for both mulcher models as follows:

MU-FM and MU-FM-Hydro : Front mounting  - 8.0 m forward
                                                                            - 2.0 m laterally



MU-C Front or rear mounting for small or compact tractors

MU-C-S120 an Iseki


MU-C/S Side mulcher for rear mounting with fixed offset headstock

SHIBAURA front page4


MU-FM For professional outfront mowers



MU-FM/S Rear and side multi-purpose mulcher with patented break away system

müthing ES 090

MU-E Vario

MU-E Front or rear mounting for tractors and system vehicles

müthing ES 023 crop


MU-E/S Side flail mulcher with rear or front mounting for tractors and system...


MU-H Vario

MU-H Vario Front and rear mounted mulcher



MU-H/S Rear and side multi purpose mulcher with patented break away system


MU-L Vario

MU-L Vario Front and rear mulcher

MU-B an AebiCC66


MU-B Front mulcher for single axle mowers

MU-FM Hydro


MU-FM/Hydro Front mulcher with hydraulic drive for yard loader and municipal vehicles


MU-E/Hydro Vario

MU-E/Hydro Front mulcher with hydraulic drive for municipal vehicles