Higgi Iron

Higgi Iron Iron Based Fert
  • Higgi Ferrous Sulphate (20% Ferrous sulphate)
    Higgi Ferrous Sulphate is a 20% heptahydrate form of Iron. It has a distinct Turquoise colour compared to dried Sulphate of Iron products. It has a crystalline texture and is also slightly damp and is highly soluble and suited for spraying. This is one of our most popular and widely used products at Terra Firma. We can highly recommend it for its solubility, reduction of turf blackening and thereby dark turf colour produced. Higgi Iron is a quality iron which is very soluble giving a good green up. OUR MOST SOLUBLE IRON.

    • Excellent colour
    • Very soluble
    • Cost effective

    Composition: 20% Fe

    Pack Size: 25 Kgs

    Rate of Use: 5 - 25 Kg/ha