Mono Ammonium Phosphate

Mono Ammonium Phosphate Soluble Turf Fert - Straight
  • Mono-ammonium phosphate (12-61-0)
    A highly efficient source of phosphorus and nitrogen for plants. Recommended for use at the beginning of the growing season, as phosphorus availability is crucial for the establishment of the root system at this stage. Mono-ammonium phophate (MAP) can serve as a high quality source of phosphorus also during other stages of the growth cycle. MAP is suitable for preparation of fertilizer blends and tank mixing with other Terra Firma straights. A cost effective source of phosphate, best applied in the spring.

    • Dissolves quickly
    • Provides nitrogen as ammonia
    • Free of chlorine, sodium and heavy metals

    Composition: 12-61-0

    Pack Size: 25 Kgs

    Rate of Use: Variable