Vitax Endure Autumn 5 5 20

Vitax Endure 5-5-20

SKU:Vitax Endure 5-5-20
Vitax Endure 5-5-20
  • Vitax Endure 5-5-20 is an Organo-mineral, extended release fertiliser for all fine turf sports and recreation turf. Organic content stimulates microbial activity to improve rooting and reduce potential for drought stress. Extended nutrient release over 3 months which prevents flushes of soft growth that may become susceptible to disease, added phosphates improve root development. Formulated for use in colder periods with slow turf growth and available in two granular sizes – Fine Turf (1mm – 2mm) and Winter Games (2 – 3mm).

    • Steady release of nutrients
    • Feeds soil organisms


    • Composition: 5-5-20 + 2MgO + 1Fe
      Pack Size: 20 Kgs
      Rate of Use:  25 g/m2

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here