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Proscape 30-0-0

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Lebanon Proscape 30-0-0 Outfield Turf Fert
  • Lebanon ProScape® 30-0-0

    100% MESA® combines the exceptional greening power of ammonium sulphate with the staying power of Meth-Ex® 40 in a single, homogeneous  particle. Safe and essentially non-burning. This product provides brilliant color, quick response and extended feeding with no excess grass clippings. This product is sized for use on higher cut turf such as golf course roughs and general use turf areas. Lebanon Proscape 30-0-0 outfield turf fertiliser with low rates of use and longevity make this an economical product.

    • 100% MESA
    • Ideal for high use areas
    • Cost effective

    Composition 30-0-0 Contains: 100% MESA
    Pack Size: 22.7 Kgs

    Rate of Use: 15 - 25 g/m2

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here