Lebanon Proscape 25-0-5

Proscape 25-0-5

Lebanon Proscape 25-0-5 Outfield Turf Fert
  • ProScape® 25-0-5 + 1% Fe

    Proscape 25-0-5 is a 51% MESA® premier fertiliser utilising Lebanon's MESA® technology. MESA® is an innovative nitrogen source that combines the benefits of methylene urea with ammonium sulphate in a single, homogeneous granule. Meth-Ex® 40 slows down the release of the ammonium sulphate. This combination provides brilliant colour, quick initial response and long term feeding all without an excessive growth surge. Iron adds an additional colour benefit. This product is good for golf course fairways, roughs and commercial turf uses. Zero phosphorus fits well with soils that do not need phosphorus and areas where phosphorus is restricted. Lebanon Proscape 25-0-5 is a cost effective outfield fertiliser

    • Controlled release
    • Fast acting portion
    • Available at low temperatures

    Composition 25-0-5 Contains: 51% MESA
    Pack Size: 22.7 Kgs

    Rate of Use: 15 - 25 g/m2

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here