Sportsmaster Autumn 4 12 12

Everiss Sportsmaster 4-12-12

ICL/Everiss Sportsmaster 4-12-12 Outfield Turf Fert
  • ICL Sportsmaster Autumn 4-12-12 is one of a well established range of fertilisers for turf mown above 6mm maintaining turf performance throughout the year. With a mini-granular formulation the Sportsmaster range enables even spreading and a rapid breakdown for an immediate and consistent response. Ideal for use on golf courses, sports pitches and other managed amenity turf areas. Perfect for pre-stress conditioning or at the end of the summer 4-12-12 with high P+K helps to deliver correct root growth prior to winter and harden the turf for winter’s wear and tear. High quality, dust free product with good granulation which gives excellent coverage.

    • Controlled release
    • Fast acting
    • Ensures healthy root growth

    Composition: 4-12-12
    Pack Size: 25 Kgs

    Rate of Use: 35 - 70g/m2

    Download Safety Data Sheet here