Go Green Granules

Greenup Granules

Greenup Granules Iron Based Fert
  • GoGreen granules are formulated from Iron Pyrites. As well as providing N & K, the iron will green up and last 2-4 months. GoGreen Granules provide a complexed iron that allows rapid green up within the leaf and corrects any iron deficiencies. Included surfactant that ensures rapid take up of iron into the leaf and gives some dew dispersal properties with magnesium and trace elements to correct any minor nutrient deficiencies and a small quantity of organic nitrogen to ensure green up with no unsightly blackening but without giving excessive growth.

    • Good green up
    • Non-blackening
    • No acidifying

    Composition: 2-0-10 NPK + 8.7% Fe

    Pack Size: 20 Kg

    Rate of Use: 400 Kg/ha

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here