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Vitax Enhance R 15-2-8

Vitax Enhance R 15-2-8 Organic Based Fine Turf Fert
  • Vitax Enhance R 15-2-8 + 2MgO + Te is a balanced organic fertiliser with added Bacillus subtillis and amino-sorb. A unique range of specially developed  fertilisers designed for fine turf areas including golf greens, bowling greens and quality sports pitches. A powerful trace element package with elevated zinc (Zn 0.5%) content for leaf strength, stress resistance and enzyme activity, zinc is vital for healthy turf growth. Organic content that provides slow release nutrients for maintenance level feeding after the mineral nutrients have been consumed. The organic content also boosts soil biota activity to help maintain a healthy root-zone with natural disease suppression and effective mineralisation of organic matter into a soluble, available form Amino-Sorb®  to create a stress-free environment which helps turf to thrive and achieve maximum performance.  Efficacy of herbicides, growth regulators and fungicides is also maximised. Amino- Sorb®  also promotes drought and wear tolerance and can reduce discolouration from plant growth regulator application. Micro-granules are only 1mm – 2mm in diameter. Each homogenous granule contains all the components to ensure even spreading and turf colour.

    • Micro granule formulation
    • Low application rate
    • Homogenous Granule

    Composition: 15-2-8 + 2%MgO + Te + Amino-sorb

    Pack Size: 20 Kgs

    Rate of Use: 15 - 25 g/m2

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here