Fine Turf Granular

At Terra Firma we supply a range of conventional, organic based and controlled release granular fertilisers for the Golf and associated fine turf markets. Our own brand products are sold under the brand name of ‘Agronomy Pro’ are manufactured by several manufacturers and are well established in the Golf course market. We also stock Vitax Enhance R range, ICL (formerly Everiss) and Lebanon products to enable us to cater for all needs.


Agronomy Pro 3-0-22+3%Fe+4%Mg+6%CaO

Agronomy Pro 3-0-22+3%Fe+4%Mg+6%CaO Fine Turf Fert


Agronomy Pro 12-0-9+2%Fe+2%Mg

Agronomy Pro 12-0-9+2%Fe+2%Mg Fine Turf Fert


Agronomy Pro 6-5-10+6%Fe

Agronomy Pro 6-5-10+6%Fe Fine Turf Fert


Agronomy Pro 3-0-3+3%Fe

Agronomy Pro 3-0-3+3%Fe Sand Based Fine Turf Fert


Agronomy Pro 9-0-0+11%Fe

Agronomy Pro 9-0-0+11%Fe Fine Turf Fert

Agronomy Pro plain bag

Agronomy Pro 8-0-0+2%Fe+2%Mg

Agronomy Pro 8-0-0+2%Fe+2%Mg Fine Turf Fert


Agronomy Pro 12-3-9+2%Fe+2%Mg

Agronomy Pro 12-3-9+2%Fe+2%Mg Fine Turf Fert

Agronomy Pro plain bag8

Agronomy Pro 4-6-8+4%Fe

Agronomy Pro 4-6-8+4%Fe Fine Turf Fert


Agronomy Pro 4-0-8+4%Fe

Agronomy Pro 4-0-8+4%Fe Fine Turf Fert

ProloNg Mini 16 2 105

ProloNg 16-2-10+4%Mg+6%CaO

ProloNg 16-2-10+2%Mg+3%CaO+6%SO3 Mini Granule

Enhance R 5 2 15

Vitax Enhance R 5-2-15

Vitax Enhance R 5-2-15 Organic Based Fine Turf Fert

Vitax Enhance R 5 0 10

Vitax Enhance R 5-0-10

Vitax Enhance R 5-0-10 Organic Based Fine Turf Fert

Enhance R 5 2 15

Vitax Enhance R 15-2-8

Vitax Enhance R 15-2-8 Organic Based Fine Turf Fert

Greenmaster-ProLite-Autumn 6 5 10 +6Fe3

Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Autumn

ICL/Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Autumn 6-5-10 + 6%Fe

Greenmaster-ProLite-Cold-Start 11 5 5 +8

Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start

ICL/Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start 11-5-5+8Fe

Greenmaster-ProLite-Spring&Summer 14 5 10 +2MgO

Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Spring Summer

ICL/Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Spring Summer 14-5-10

Greenmaster-ProLite-Zero Phosphate 14 0 10 +3

Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Zero Phosphate

ICL/Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Zero Phosphate 14-0-10

Greenmaster-ProLite-NK 12 0 12 +3mgo +2fe

Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite NK

ICL/Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite NK 12-0-12

Greenmaster PL Double K

Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Double K

ICL/Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Double K 7-0-14 +4% Fe

Greenmaster PL Invigorator 4-0-8+3mgo+4fe+seaweed

Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Invigorator

ICL/Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Invigorator 4-0-8 + 3.3%MgO + 4%Fe + Seaweed

Greenmaster Mosskiller 14 0 0

Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Mosskiller

ICL/Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Mosskiller 14-0-0+8.9%Fe

Greenmaster-ProLite-Autumn_Mg 6 5 11 +3mgo

Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Autumn MG

ICL/Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Autumn MG 6-5-11